Our Story

My daughters and I wanted to start a business in 2018 which was environmentally friendly and served a need in the community. Back in the 80's I spent a couple of years as a milkman and really enjoyed it, we immediately realised there was an opportunity to deliver a traditional experience with a modern twist.


With that in mind and with the steady return of the doorstep deliveries we took the plunge, launching on 12th November 2018 with our Gold Top Service in Barnham, Walberton, Fontwell, Slindon and Eastergate. We have watched our customer base grow steadily and have been taken aback by the warmth with which the Milkie has been welcomed back. The milk round and the Milkie are once again the eyes in the community and the stealth deliverers of your fresh bottled daily pinta and a whole range of fresh food and drink products.

As we move into 2022 our little business has expanded to the point we now cover all of Arun District, Chichester, Midhurst & surrounding villages as well as Worthing!

Local Milk & Produce

One of our most important pledges when we started was to identify local suppliers and offer their goods to our customers; 100% fresh, free of ‘food miles’ and in support of independent local growers and producers. We are also encouraging all of our suppliers to focus on finding the most environmentally friendly method of wrapping their goods.


We will also be sourcing products not often associated with the traditional milk round and offering our customers new experiences year round.

Doing Our Part

Each glass bottle we supply can be reused anywhere up to 30 times before it's melted down and turned into something new!

We do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint and whilst we're still running petrol and diesel powered vehicles we're as efficient as we can be at all times.

Wherever we can all of our goods are packaged as environmentally friendly as possible, sadly this isn't possible across our entire range but we are constantly looking to improve this.